Tutapona has been recognized globally for the positive effect our programs have had on refugees and IDPs, particularly in the area of mental health. Below are some of the articles and publications that have featured our work or told stories of our amazing participants.



Tutapona’s Co-Founder Carl Gaede was recently interviewed by Gail Rosenblum of The Star Tribune, talking about the 50,000 people who have been impacted by our programs and what the idea of Tutapona Minnesota looks like.

MAF CANADA | Issue 33 | Spring 2019

MAF is one of Tutapona’s partners in Uganda, helping our staff to reach areas that would at times be difficult to reach. Last year they visited one of our programs and met with Issa, a staff member who lives and works in one of the camps.

You can see the full publication here or read the article by clicking below.


DENIZEN Magazine | Heroes | 2019

Tutapona was honoured to have Denizen (a New Zealand based magazine) feature the story of one of our participants in their Heroes issue, alongside stories from organisations such as World Vision, Compassion and Tearfund.

Thanks to Helen Manson for her work on the story. You can also read the story as published by The Gospel Coalition.


Psychology cafe | Issue 2 | 2018

Psychology Café® is a magazine produced by psychologist, author and program writer, Dr. Robi Sonderreger and his team of dedicated experts in clinical psychology. Dr Robi has been instrumental in the formation of our programs and has spent time in Uganda and Iraq helping us become established - for which we are very grateful!
Psychology Café® recently featured Tutapona, and we’re honoured to share this article with you all - check out the full edition HERE.


The Australian Women’s Weekly | JULY 2018

Ever wondered what it’s like to live and work in the humanitarian field? The Australian Women’s Weekly recently interviewed Helen Manson on her work with Tutapona and other NGOs. She talks about how she and her husband, Tutapona Uganda’s Country Director, Tim, feel passionate about their work.

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TEAR MAGAZINE | Issue 2 | 2018

Tutapona has been blessed to partner with TEAR Australia, which helps us bring trauma rehabilitation to South Sudanese refugees now living in Northern Uganda.
They recently published the story of one of our beautiful participants, talking about how attending our trauma care program has helped her to love and provide for her grandchildren.

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The RIse magazine | Volume 2 | 2018

The Rise highlights the untold stories of individuals creating intentional and bold lives. In 2018, Tutapona Co-Founder, Julie Gaede, was asked to write an article telling her Tutapona story. She talks honestly about their family’s journey to Uganda, the birth of Tutapona, and how God is using our programs to help people choose hope.

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February 2018 saw an unusually large influx of Congolese refugees crossing Lake Albert into Uganda, in an attempt to flee the onslaught of rebel activity. Tutapona Communications Officer, Candice Lassey, partnered with Medical Teams International and MAF to help bring awareness to the crisis that was forming on the shores of the lake.