Our Values


We follow Jesus’ example of all encompassing love for everyone.


We strive for consistency between our words, beliefs, and the reality of how we conduct ourselves. We are committed to excellence and providing the best support we can for our clients. We choose to be ethical in our professional and business practices. We recognize that Tutapona’s resources are not our own but entrusted to us for the service of others and require competent, effective and accountable stewardship.


We offer hope to the broken-hearted, restoring their vision for a fulfilling future.


Compassion for individuals affected by war and conflict drives us to walk with them through their darkest moments. Our staff embodies compassion for every story, every time.


We value relationship in the communities where we work and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. We recognize that lasting change is only possible through relationships that transform. Our internal relationships are healthy and professional. We remain patient with setbacks, strengthened by feedback, willing to forgive, humble in conflict and challenged to demonstrate Christ’s unconditional love to all.


We act courageously by taking risks as we step out in faith and go to difficult places. Our clients need us to reach them where they are. Our courage is informed by humility, defined by action and grounded in our faith in a trustworthy God.