|| Visiting Our Work ||

Visiting a Tutapona field office is an experience that is sure to impact your view of the refugee crisis and how we are working to bring rehabilitation to those affected by conflict.

Visitors are given the opportunity to meet our staff and observe a program in action, meet with Tutapona's leadership team in country, learn about the history of Tutapona and the context in which Tutapona is working.

These trips equip visitors to return home to their own churches and social networks and raise awareness of the global refugee crisis and Tutapona's mission to bring hope and healing through trauma rehabilitation.  First and foremost, we always view these visits as a learning trip, not a service trip.  You'll meet people, you'll hear their stories, you'll observe a trauma rehabilitation session in action, and you'll learn how to be an effective advocate for refugees and for Tutapona's mission when you return home.  That's where we need you most!

Contact us at info@tutapona.com or submit the form below if you are interested in joining a trip or visiting a program.  Please DO NOT book any travel yet - we will provide a participant application and details on reserving your spot at a later date.

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