The Voiceless Millions

I want to share a story with you. It’s a story of despair and heartbreak - but also of resilience, strength and redemption.  I want you to hear it because although you’ve never met this man, we want to invite you to be part of his story. 


Kasindye and his wife come from The Democratic Republic of Congo, a place that seems to get little to no media coverage yet has seen more conflict related deaths than any other conflict since World War II. He is just one of the 4 million have been displaced. The voiceless millions.
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“The rebels came into my village, they made us all gather together, naked just like them. They killed people, destroyed things. They tortured my father to death. They raped me in front of my children and then made them applaud for it. They beat my mother to death and while I was still covered in her blood, I was forced to watch while five men raped my wife. I lost everything; my home, my dignity, my mind.

Because numerous armed rebel and militia groups are using sexual assault as a weapon of war, Congo is known as the rape capital of the world. The horrendous, sadistic violence that is inflicted upon the people of Congo is comparable or worse than ISIS and yet no one’s talking about it. But this Christmas, we want to give the people of Congo a voice.  

It’s been almost ten years since we started Tutapona and we’ve borne witness to countless stories like this.  When I’m tempted to think for a moment that there’s no hope, it’s the living proof of the healing power of Christ-centered trauma rehabilitation that tells me otherwise.  It’s the children and families reconciled and restored.  It’s the courage, ambition and genuine joy we see every day. And this is why we need your monthly support.

“When I met Tutapona it was like the sound of thunder. I cannot explain it. I feel like there is hope again in my life, and I’m living like good things are happening again. Now I can sleep again. I am no longer frightened. I have my mind back again. My children are in school and my wife and I are together again. I was taught to make the good things in front of me my focus, so now that is what I do.”

Kasindye is not alone in his story. In the past year the generosity of our partners has allowed us to bring trauma care to over 3000 Congolese through our Empower program, one on one care and follow up. But it’s not just these individuals who benefit from our ministry. We’ve found that life changing healing has a flow on affect to their spouses, their children and their communities. 

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What Can you do?

You can be a part of this, too. You can help mend marriages, inspire small businesses, and encourage children to desire an education. You can be a part of restored relationships, increased employment and enhanced quality of life. You can be a part of these stories, simply when you give.

That’s why I’m asking you to make a special gift to Tutapona this Christmas or jump on board as a monthly donor. Your commitment to ongoing monthly support will allow us to move forward with the plans we’ve laid out to bring trauma care to more refugees than ever before.

We can’t end the conflict, and we can’t prevent the pain, but we can provide the best trauma counselling we know based on principles from a God in heaven that will ultimately meet them right where they are at. When you DONATE, your generosity means that the work of Tutapona can continue to grow until every story ends in hope.

Yours truly,


Co-Founder, Tutapona  
On behalf of The Voiceless Millions

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